Doors & Mouldings

We have over 400 different tooling options in our workshop so can create any profile or design needed.

We are also fortunate in having the largest catalogue of period architectural mouldings in the UK, and can provide period-perfect doors that are acoustic and fire rated, to suit any design specification. Please contact us to find out more.

Michael Costello

Director, Atkey & Co


Atkey and Company design and produce doors which are authentic reproductions of classical British architectural designs. The door panel configurations, moulding and panel details in our period door collections are taken from original examples which are typical of the design aesthetics of the Georgian to Edwardian periods. A new collaboration with the Sir John Soane Museum Collection offers Georgian and Regency door designs from the Soane archive. Elegant detailing from 300 years of historic interior design is brought into a modern architectural context in our new collection of Contemporary doors.

Each bespoke door is handmade to order, unique, crafted using traditional techniques and tailoring so the proportions, panel design, door moulding detail and finish meet your individual style and interior design vision. Our doors can be acoustic and fire rated and can be supplied in feature hardwoods or primed finish for painting.


Different mouldings on doors, architraves, skirtings and picture rails elicit different visual and emotional effects. Reflected light illuminating raised panel areas, contrasting with areas of shadow, creates an illusion of depth and greater volume.

Mouldings can be varied to create whatever effect is desired and elicit moods that can range from a gentle harmonious softness (perhaps in a bedroom) to strong solidity and power (perhaps in a hallway or reception room). Georgian door panelling, for example, features deep moulding designs and panel blocks influenced by Roman architecture, and has an appearance that is understated and bold. If one wants to create an even bolder statement then raised and fielded door panels, with wider mouldings, can be used to elevate the status of the door design. Victorian period mouldings, showing more restrained Grecian and medieval revivalist influences, are typically shallower and therefore create a softer effect.

The design of doors and mouldings can have a dramatic effect on how a room is perceived. Use the links below to view our doors, linings and mouldings, or call us on 01934 806883 to discuss your project.